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Japanese Style Hair Salon

Loops Hair Studio celebrated its opening on 2015 in the heart of "Sawtelle Japan Town" in West Los Angeles. The name Loops comes from a desire to bring everyone who has supported us over the years into our "loop", as well as our wish to continually expand our loops as our acquaintances grow.

We provide the best cutting, Hair Coloring, Japanese Hair Straightening, Perm, Digital Perm, Hair Styling techniques, and Japanese hospitality. Our stylists have many years of experience in both Japan and the U.S.A.

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Hair Stylist with experience in Japan

We carefully select premium products that meet customers needs, while taking pride in offering products such as Milbon, Yuko and Hoyu imported from Japan. (We also use American and German products.)

Our staff looks forward to seeing you soon!

Please call the salon
or your preferred stylist for inquiries.

  • Toshie     310-227-1103
  • Noriko     310-227-1145
  • Kyoko      310-210-7552
  • Kentaro    310-972-0931
  • Marina      310-920-3892
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